How Much Is My Domain Name Worth?

The million-dollar question! Thousands of people who’re in the domain industry asking the same exact question to themselves every single day. How much is my domain name worth?

How to Acquire a Domain Name That’s Already Registered?

Picking the right domain name is one of the key factors to unveil the full potential of your web presence. Unfortunately, most of the time, the domains that come to your mind are already registered. In that case, you’ll need to acquire the domain name and that’s a bit harder than simply registering one.

How To Find The Best Domain For Your Business?

The domain you use for your business says a lot about your business. The more premium it is, the more traffic you will receive, the more credibility you will have, the less you will spend for marketing, under most circumstances.

Domain Name Appraisal Criteria

Appraising a domain name is an art. Art of bringing lots of factors together. Domain characteristics, world-wide and country-wise economic situation, domain keyword-wise economic situation, market trends, keyword trends, previous similar sales, appraisers’ experience and many more.

Do You Need A Premium Domain Name?

A domain name is a definite need to be able to get your place in the online world and there’s a huge price difference between registering a regular domain name and acquiring a premium domain name. You’ll need to be transparent to yourself to be able to find the answer to this question.

What Is A Premium Domain Name?

There are more than 350 million domains registered and any one of them might be your premium domain name. However, in reality, only a few

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. This is the dictionary definition