They Said That Domain Name Was How Much?

It seems many times people who buy and sell domains don’t actually know what they have.

Domain Name

Not every domain is going to make you rich. Not every domain regardless of the next great extension will make you the next Rick Schwartz or Frank Schilling. 

There are three parts to selling a domain name. What you think it’s worth, what they think it’s worth and what it’s worth. 

And that’s true if it’s a domain or a 65 Mustang. It is finding a place where both parties think they did ok. What is gold to you is garbage to someone else. 

Not every name needs to be spelt correctly or is short or generic. Yes, those are the gold standards but life doesn’t always work that way. 

Now here comes the hard part. I’ve sold domains at well above market price because they just “HAD” to have it. I’ve sold domains at below market value because they “NEEDED” some quick capital and I’ve sold many domains at fair market value and here’s why. 

The majority of decent domains if priced right, fall somewhere in the middle. Knowing what your domain is worth based on real indicators like comps, trends, keywords, etc. can make all the difference in the world to you selling it.

An educated buyer and seller go a long way to making a deal happen!