Why The Human Touch Is Essential On Domain Appraisals

Domain Appraisals

Appraising a domain name has been one of the most complicated processes in the domain market since the beginning. Lack of data, the uncertainty of the market, changing trends, the economic state of the world, and especially, the difference between every single domain name increasing the difficulty level of an appraisal significantly.

If you’re a car producer, it’s quite easy to price the cars you’re producing. There are certain costs of production, there are a few audiences for your cars and there’re costs for researches and there’s a profitability level for your company. If you’re a real estate broker, again, the inputs are almost crystal clear for you to appraise the house you’re going to sell. It is not possible to sell two apartments in the same location within completely different prices. 

However, when it comes to the domains, very small differences could be resulted with a significant price levels. What are those details?

1- Extension: 

Voice.com sold for 30,000,000.00 USD and Voice.io sold for 25,000.00 USD. 

Sex.com sold for 14,000,000.00 USD, Sex.XXX sold for 3,000,000.00 USD, Sex.live sold for 140,000.00 USD and Sex.cm sold for 51,300.00 USD.

2- A Letter:

Zoom.com sold for 2,000,000. USD and Zoox.com sold for 70,000.00 USD.

Wine.com sold for 3,300,000.00 USD and Winy.com sold for 3,650.00 USD.

3- A Word:

Mortgage.com sold for 1,800,000.00 USD and TheMortgage.com sold for 500,000.00 USD.

CreditCards.com sold for 2,750,000.00 USD and AffiliateCreditCards.com sold for 3,750.00 USD.

4- Niche

Diamond.com sold for 7,500,000.00 USD and Savings.com sold for 1,900,000.00 USD.

Pizza.com sold for 2,605,000.00 USD and Wallpapers.com sold for 129,500.00 USD.

5- Economy

RandomStranger.com sold for 10,279.00 USD in 2015 and re-sold for 394 USD in 2020.

CoinChange.com sold for 1,200.00 USD in 2014 and re-sold for for 7,500.00 USD in 2020.

6- Trends

WindLife.com sold for 69 USD in 2013 and re-sold for 900 USD in 2020.

Masks.io sold for 99 USD in 2015 and re-sold for 2,905 USD in 2020.

This lists go on and on. There’re lots of variables such as search volume, cost per click, market competition, radio test etc.

Some of those variables could taken into account with automatic processes and automated appraisals but some can not. Therefore, using automated appraisals might hurt your pricing and in the end, your pocket.

On the other side, professional hand-made domain appraisals take every criteria into consideration and provide the best possible results. Moreover, those results come with the priceless value, experience. Yes, they cost higher but still, the costs are no brainer consider the output.