How to measure domain authority and how to value it

To measure the prestige of a website on the Internet, a metric known as domain authority is used. Getting a good value in it will allow you to position yourself in a better place on Google’s results pages, which will significantly increase the traffic to your website. Domain authority is increased with links pointing to your website from valuable sites

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Podcast: Buying Domain Names via Secret Brokerage — Arif Sengoren

There is an art and science to buying and selling domains. More specifically, buying a domain name can be a frustrating and elusive process, to say the least. Of course, this all depends on a number of factors — seller and buyer expectations, quality of the domain, age of the domain, domain profile (past/present/future), economic market, etc. However, an affordable

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domain name finding

5 Domain Name Finding Methods

Some people are lucky: Zack, the flash of inspiration is there. Within seconds, the perfect project name is found. And then the domain check also says: Your desired address is free. However, so much luck in a double pack is rare. In most cases, good project and domain names require a lot of patience, work, and creativity. The latter can

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optimal domain name

The long way to the optimal domain name

What distinguishes a good optimal domain name from a bad domain name? It’s simple: You can remember a good name right away and even weeks later you can still enter it correctly into your browser. A bad name you read or hear and immediately forget. Very bad names are characterized by the fact that you not only forget them but

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The Most Common Misconceptions About Picking ccTLD Domains for International SEO

The Most Common Misconceptions About Picking ccTLD Domains for International SEO If you run an international business knowing that a significant amount of your customers are based in different countries or speak different languages; then you may want to optimize your domain in this direction. International domain ranking can bring your company on top of organic search results per locale;

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expired domains

Expired Domains: The Mystery is Solved!

Expired Domains: The Mystery is Solved! So you are craving for the dream domain name that you have in your mind but someone else has it. Maybe, you have been chasing this domain for years to see whether it goes spare. All of a sudden, you recognize that the owner did not renew and the domain name became expired. Even

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Better Domain Name

Picking any cheap domain name for your next online venture is simply not going to cut it.  Imagine if we had instead of Would the biggest e-commerce platform on earth still be the credible brand as we see it today? Probably, not. That leads us to the fact that having a better domain name is inevitable. If you

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What Is A Premium Domain Name?

There are more than 350 million domains registered and any one of them might be your premium domain name. However, in reality, only a few of them are considered as real premiums and they have somethings in common. Let’s get into the details. First of all, the extension of the domain name is very crucial considering there are thousands of extensions out

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What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. This is the dictionary definition for a domain name. What does a domain name mean in real life? That’s the question we’d like to dig a bit. A domain is a digital address in the online world and that address

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