Whoops! Your Domain Name Has Just Expired!

Managing a domain name portfolio sounds easy but, in reality, it is a hell of a business. Imagine an investor who owns 1000 domains. It’s almost 10K USD (sometimes even more) in renewals and it is a must to follow transfer, registration, and renewal campaigns through a variety of registrars. The optimum scenario is to have all the domains in one registrar. The reality is you have 10 accounts with 10 registrars to keep your renewal costs at a minimum.

If you are not a well-organized person or if you’re too busy to manage your domain portfolio, guess what? You’ll see an e-mail from one of your registrars saying that your domain is expired! It’s gone. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to pay a few hundred dollars to get it back, if you’re not, the domain is gone, forever. 

That’s the reason there’s a huge “expired domains” market. There’re lots of companies who market expired domains through auctions. Isn’t it crazy? Even big corporates have been doing the same mistake. They let their domains expire by mistake and then someone else acquires it.  All that time, the effort you spent on a domain is gone in the twinkling of an eye and someone else (probably an investor) will be acquiring it.

Here are a few quick tips to prevent these kinds of situations:

1- Have your domain portfolio in one registrar.

2- Do NOT divide your portfolio more than 3 registrars.

3- Make sure all renewal notifications are ON.

4- Always check your spam/junk folder. 

5- If you’re an investor and you renew your domains annually, take a day off in a month to check your renewals. 

6- If you think or know that some of your domains are premiums, turn auto-renew ON for those.

7- If you’re a company that owns lots of domains, have an employee for your domain operations.

8- If you’re busy, if you can’t organize/manage your domain portfolio or if you’re not able to hire a person for your domain operations, take a look at our portfolio management packages starting from $14.99/month.