Not All Domains Are Created Equal

The choices can make your head spin. .COM, .NET, .ORG, .SEXY, .XYZ and the list go on and on and on. Even 30 years later the .com is still king. Nothing says credibility like it and likely nothing ever will.

2020 In A Nutshell

2020 is finally over! It wasn’t the best year in our world. The ways we work, the ways we meet, the ways we do, they all changed, forever. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed things a lot. On the other side, is closing the year with happy clients from all around the world.

Premium Domain Name Versus A Banana and A Golden Toilet

For a regular person, the normal number of times to visit a toilet per day is between 6 – 8 in a 24 hour period. Let’s take that as 7 and consider you’re going to live 80 years. If you buy this golden toilet and use it for 80 years, a single visit will cost you roughly 25 USD. 175 USD a day, 5,250 USD a month and 63,000 USD a year. True story!

Why The Human Touch Is Essential On Domain Appraisals

Appraising a domain name has been one of the most complicated processes in the domain market since the beginning. Lack of data, the uncertainty of the market, changing trends, the economic state of the world, and especially, the difference between every single domain name increasing the difficulty level of an appraisal significantly.

5 Things You Must Consider If You’re Not Using A Domain Brokerage

If your budget is very limited or the domain name you’re interested in acquiring has a very light price tag, you might need to perform a solo performance on acquiring the domain name for your business. That’s completely fine. However, there are a few things you “must” consider during the process.

Domain Value

As of now, there’re more than 500 million domains registered and the number is going up day by day. There it is, the domain name you’d love to own for your business. It is for sale! And you do not have any idea about the value of it. What are you going to do about it?

6 Free Tools To Understand The Value Of A Domain Name

Understanding the value of domain names has always been tough. There’re lots of metrics, the market, the world, trends, technologies, and user habits are changing day by day. However, there are still tools out there that can help you to understand if the domain name you own or you’d like to acquire has the value or not.

Whoops! Your Domain Name Has Just Expired!

Managing a domain name portfolio sounds easy but, in reality, it is a hell of a business. Imagine an investor who owns 1000 domains. It’s almost 10K USD (sometimes even more) in renewals and it is a must to follow transfer, registration, and renewal campaigns through a variety of registrars.

How Much Is My Domain Name Worth?

The million-dollar question! Thousands of people who’re in the domain industry asking the same exact question to themselves every single day. How much is my domain name worth?