Domain Name Acquisition

What Is Domain Name Acquisition Strategy?

Domain name acquisition is really important because in a competitive environment, being known and recognized is essential. A domain name, just like a brand, a model, a logo…, must therefore also benefit from its protection. However, it is important to know how to use the protections offered by law. Secret Brokerage’s editorial staff would like to show you the steps to take to declare domain names and to guarantee them.

The strategy for acquiring domain names is based on three elements: the signs that can be reserved, the chosen extension and the availability of the domain name. Indeed, to create an Internet site, whether it is to sell products or services online or to make one’s company or activity is known, it is first necessary to reserve a domain name that allows Internet users to access the site’s web pages.

Rules for reserving a domain name

Currently, all alphanumeric names and combinations can be adopted in the following forms: letters of the alphabet from “a” to “z”, numbers from “0” to “9”, the hyphen “-” under certain conditions, accented characters, particularly in the “.com” extension zone. The combinations are gradually expanding, and the rules are constantly changing.

The rules for reserving a domain name vary according to the nature of the site:

  • Geographic domains with a national vocation, depending on the geographical location of the company: .fr (France), .de (Germany),.it (Italy) or .eu (European Union) for example.
  • Generic domains, with an international vocation: .com (for commercial activities), .net (for companies), .org (for associations or non-governmental organizations...).

The domain name is attributed to the person who requests the reservation first. It is therefore the first-come, first-served rule that prevails.

What protection is there for intellectual property?

The reservation of a domain name does not in itself constitute a title to intellectual property. Indeed, the domain name does not correspond to a trademark, which is a title of intellectual property protected after its registration under certain conditions that are not strictly covered by this article. To protect your domain name from cyber squatters or competitors, it is recommended to also register the label (domain name without the extension) as a trademark, in addition to the simple reservation of the domain name.

Therefore, it is also recommended, before reserving a domain name and registering a trademark, to check its availability to avoid conflicts between domain names, trademarks, or company names.

Domain Name Acquisition
Domain Name Acquisition

How Secret Brokerage can help with your domain name acquisition process?

If the domain name you want is already registered to someone else or you’ve discovered a brand infringement or misuse of your name, we can help with your domain name acquisition process. Working with you every step of the way, our skilled domain name acquisition specialists will take control and optimize your chances of successfully getting the domain you require.

With thousands of unrestricted domain extensions available to buy any time online, it’s no surprise to find conflicts of interest arise regularly. Owning the domain names relevant to your business is imperative. Without them, you risk revenue loss, decreased site traffic but most importantly, you risk irreversibly damaging your online reputation and diminishing trust in your brand. Contact us today and learn more about your domain name acquisition service.