Expired Domains: The Mystery is Solved!

expired domains

Expired Domains: The Mystery is Solved!

So you are craving for the dream domain name that you have in your mind but someone else has it. Maybe, you have been chasing this domain for years to see whether it goes spare. All of a sudden, you recognize that the owner did not renew and the domain name became expired. Even though you are eager to own this name as soon as possible; the process is not as straightforward as buying it with one click. The domain won’t be available for other businesses at the moment of expiration. Moreover, there will be competition between other people who were chasing this domain and you. So how can you get an expired domain? What are the odds? Read on to find out the full process of getting expired domains!

Step by Step: Domain Expiration Process

Here we will go through the expiration process of the .com domains. Luckily, domain expiration procedures are more or less the same for other TLD domains like .net, .org., .co.

When the end date of a .com domain comes, the domain provider notifies the owner first. After this, the domain provider also grants some redemption time up to 30 days to make sure that the expiration is intentional. Once the domain renewal period dues, the company that runs the domain gains the initiative and the former owner of the domain can no longer claim this domain. To keep track of this process, it is wise to use one of the online tools for domain lookup and see the current status of the domain. Now you have a better chance to claim this domain after it expires!

What Happens When Domain Redemption Come to an End?

Will you be able to register for the domain as soon as the redemption duration ends? Not necessarily. There is a waiting period of up to 5 days before the domain is available to the public again. If you already placed a backorder, chances are higher to secure this domain among other potential buyers. If no one preorders the domain other than you, it will be yours when it is released. If there are other potential buyers who placed backorder like you, your best chance is to attend domain auctions available for expired domains.

How to Get an Expired Domain via an Auction House?

Your best chance to secure an expired domain utterly is to join company auctions opened for expired domains. Almost all domain registration companies provide this option and these auctions happen in a time between the expiration date of the domain and the release day of the domain. Acquiring the domain in these auctions on the toss of the coin. There are absolutely no parameters that distinguish you from the rest of the candidates. However, your chances in the auction are way higher than the regular registration. Even though domain names are more expensive in auctions than regular registrations, it is worth the domain that you have been dreaming about!

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